VPD.money The Digital Bank For Generation Z

VPD.money The Digital Bank For Generation Z

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Todays individual is uber woke, aware of their needs and potential. They are smart, independent and have a zest for life. With the availability of technology and advancement in every industry, the Z generation or gen Z know they can conquer the world and this includes the world of digital banking. Therefore you cannot pass anything off to this generation that is half baked, mediocre and substandard. A good marketing strategy and big words will not make up for poor quality with this generation of the diaspora community. Quality, quality, quality is the only form of currency that is acceptable.


We did our research at Cashkaching to compare all the fantastic features of VPD.money (Voguepay Digital.money) with other neo banks. Yes we know that VPD.money is one of our partners, however we still believe in honest reviews because integrity and loyalty to our readers is paramount. We all use the VPD.money app at Cashkaching including all the Kachingers! We understand that in this fast paced life, everything has to be compact, efficient, seamless and hassle free including your everyday banking. VPD.money has not compromised on quality!

Here are the Top 5 Features of VPD.money amongst many others. We selected our top 5 best features!


The VPD.money app is fast, efficient and simple to use. There is no drama here. It caters for all your banking needs and any financial transactions can be done in one simple go! In todays busyness this is pure goals.

Customer Service

The team offers excellent customer support 24/7. They respond to queries promptly and offer support to their customers. You are not kept on hold or waiting for hours on end to get a response! We are here for that.

VPD.money Rewards

We can all agree that no matter what age and stage you are in life, there is nothing as a exciting as getting rewards/benefits or free gifts right! VPD.money has fantastic rewards and benefits for its users such as:

  • Cashback when you pay for services using VPD.money
  • Discounts on various goods/services when you pay using VPD.money

Cross Border Payments

It is the only Nigerian Digital Banking app that aims to give its customers borderless capabilities. It enables users to request money/payments in multiple currencies and users can open international bank accounts.


We all need the assurance from our bank that our details are safe and secure. We need the confidence to carry out local and international transactions with peace of mind. VPD.money has not compromised on this, you can carry out all your financial transactions confidently. They have optimised on 3DS secure tools and every transaction has to be authenticated by an in app pin.

So we hope you find this helpful and if you are looking to add that extra quality to your lifestyle, start using VPD.money today!

To get started, click this link to download the VoguePay Digital app 

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