Refer and Get Paid!!!

Refer and Get Paid!!!

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About a week ago, we announced that our payment gateway partner VoguePay Digital would be kickstarting a campaign whereby Kachingers and other users get rewarded so long as they keep referring friends and family to download the app.

Well, the weekend is here and this means enough time to introduce more people to the digital bank for generation Z.

Here are some tips on how to introduce more users this weekend.

Let’s start with your household, have you thought of sharing this piece of information with your neighbors? If no, that’s a start. Introduce your neighbor to, enlighten them on the fantastic qualities VPD offers such as

  • Cashback when you pay for services (DSTV bills, Airtime recharge) using
  • Discounts on various goods/services when you pay using

Are you a church-goer? How about sharing this info with other fellowship partners or even Sunday school students?
Would you be attending any get-together or mini parties? If yes, give it a shot. You never know where your blessings would come from.

Furthermore, ensure you keep up with all the persons you refer because their ID is what we use to ascertain that your referral has taken place.

Remember how it works

  1. Refer a friend to download the VPD app.
  2. Confirm with the referred that he/she has activated their account.
  3. Accumulate username(s) of successful referrals and submit to admin (on, the validity of the username(s) is subject to verification from the VPD team.

After acknowledgment from the Admin, you get your funds credited into your VPD wallet.

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