Best  Music Album  2020!

Best Music Album 2020!

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2020 is the year we all never saw coming , right? We had all made plans that this would be the year we achieve beyond our expectations. As the saying goes ‘ we make plans and God laughs’. Yes God seems to have sent us all to the naughty corner this year. However every season creates an opportunity. There is nothing in life that is wasted! Perception is everything.

Despite the chaos of 2020, we saw some of the musical industry giants drop albums this year. As always you can always count on us to give you our thoughts.

Burna Boy

The self named ‘ superhero’. As a child he wanted to be a super hero so he named himself Burna Boy. We can say that to many he is living his super hero status, breaking barriers in the music industry. His music has crossed over and is relatable to every generation. The album Twice as Tall is a fusion of different genre’s and tells a deep story of power and potential.


He dropped his 4th studio album in October 2020 following much anticipation. The album features heavy weights such as Damien Marley, Skepta and many other artists. Made in Lagos has managed to cater for his home audience and international audience. He continues to embrace his audience in this cross culture project.


A better time! What an accurate name for the season and the year. The album has already set new records in Africa. The album was released November 2020 and has a host of guest artists such as Nicki Minaj, Nas and Chris Brown. Davido calls for unity across cultures and continents.

These artists amongst so many others have spoken out against police brutality. We at Cashkaching stand with all Nigerians against anything that infringes our human rights.

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