What is Happening in the Job Market?

What is Happening in the Job Market?

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According to the Financial Times Nigeria’s graduates live ‘ hand to mouth’ as the jobs crisis worsens.

The unemployment rate has more than quadrupled with the job crisis driving up poverty. Nigeria has some of the most brilliant and intellectual minds who are working in menial roles. Why is this? The worsening labour market.

Since 2015, the number of under 24 year olds who are unemployed has almost tripled to 14 million, 40 % of the youth labour force.

In response to the crisis, in early 2021 the Nigerian Government launched a programme that promises to provide jobs for more than 750000 young people. The Special Public Works programme will target low skilled workers.

Although this has been hailed as a step forward, there still remains a gap for the highly skilled and ambitious students looking for internships.

There are many benefits of internships for the student and the employer. Students can improve their industry skills in a structured environment . To the employer, hiring interns can assist in talent acquisition and workforce planning.

There are organisations whose ambition is to provide youths with employment opportunities and internships. Internwise is an online job board platform and their vision is to help reduce youth unemployment rates worldwide.

In addition, here at Cashkaching we always want to add value and support our audience that is mainly in the age demographic of high unemployment rates. So, we partnered with recruitment firms to post jobs and internships on the site daily at no cost to our users.

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