The Fest is Over, the winners are here.

The Fest is Over, the winners are here.

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It’s here finally!!!

After a two month search on the Kachingers who were going to cross the finish line victorious from the selfie-video campaign, the D-Day is finally here.

It has been a thrilling two months as the race has been quite tight from the get-go, with different users coming up with different concepts as regards the campaign, from Instagram to Twitter, to Facebook and even Youtube.

We congratulate the winners and also thank every other participant.

As you all know that we stay winning on Cashkaching, with no further delay we bring to you the winners of the just concluded KachingerFest.

Bagging home 1st prize with 25k cash is none other than Mr. A or Amaleeq from Twitter AKA Fun Shows TV from Youtube. Mr. A put together a well calculated and inspirational video that earned him love and wishes from Kachingers and the drive to even go out of his niche by dropping a video on his Youtube channel cemented him at the pole position and we are proud to name him the winner of KachingerFest.

Running up to Mr. A, is Akinleke Akinwale from Facebook, he comes in as second with multiple views and shares also referrals, he also did not box himself to facebook alone as he also shared his video on other social platforms. He walks home with 15k cash.

The Kachinger to round up the top 3, bagging home the 10k cash, is Omolade from Twitter. Omolade has been a loyal Kachinger and his video piece puts him at number 3.

The Fest is over but the best is yet to come, it’s a circle of winners whenever you hear Kachingers or Cashkaching.

We stay winning on this side.

Why not join us today?

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