5 Ways to Optimize Working from Home

5 Ways to Optimize Working from Home

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Here are 5 Tips to help properly optimize working from home.

These unprecedented times have forced many organizations to react fast to keep the business afloat, remain productive, and manage teams effectively. Opportunities are borne out of a crisis, as the saying goes ‘ he who dares, wins’. It is all about being innovative, and dynamic in this climate. Going to work now means ‘going into the living room’ or any other part of your house that you can call an ‘office space’.

Is the motivation the same when you are working from home as compared to when working in the office?
Are you motivated by the rush of being in an office environment? We are here to help you with tips to keep the momentum going so as to not lose pace.

  1. Routine

 It is very tempting to wake up just before your morning conference or when your boss calls you, after all, they are not able to see you. Achieving excellence in performance is based on consistent habits that are aimed at the desired targets. Even when you are working from home, maintain your routine, get up the time you would usually, and by your work start time you are ready to work. If your working hours are 9 am – 5 pm, then maintain these working hours with no interruptions. Remember to take your breaks the times you usually have them when you are at the office.

2. Get Dressed

Yes, we said it, get dressed. After your morning routine, have a shower, and get dressed to start working. Ok, we are not expecting you to get into a 3 piece suit, you can if you wish too though. It is tempting to work in your pyjamas or onesie, however, this does not help with productivity or wellbeing. So get out of your night clothes when you start work.

3. Discipline

You are in your home working space, at your start time, dressed for success and ready to seize the day, all of a sudden you catch a glimpse of the news, a favourite show, or decide you have time to make your favourite stew, no you cannot do any of the above YOU ARE AT WORK. Self-discipline is very important when you are working from home because of the many distractions, complete your daily tasks effectively then move on to other things. Remember you still want to be on the good side of your boss when you are back in the office. Working from home does not mean the expectations have changed. View it as an opportunity to show your boss that you are disciplined, self-driven, and motivated.

4. Communication

There is no such thing as over-communication we believe. Schedule regular team meetings with colleagues to give each other updates, motivate each other, and well-being checks. Working from home can be isolating and this can dull creative juices, human beings are built for community, so keep in contact with team members. There are many apps such as Zoom, Skype, Google hangouts that have made communication and team meetings. We recommend Zoom, it has 4 plans that are tailored to meet all needs, the best one, of course, is the one that is FREE

5. Maintain Sanity

The most important point is to maintain your well-being and keep your sanity. Adapting to change can be difficult especially when it is not clear if the change is temporary or permanent. An eagle flies right into the eye of the storm and then rises above it. See this as a challenge, an opportunity to excel and enhance your skills, keep your mind free from things you are not able to control. Let your work and results speak for themselves. As they say ‘quality work is the best business plan’

For more comprehensive tips on optimizing working from home visit the following links https://creately.com/guide/working-from-home/practical-guide-for-teams/ and https://www.cotswoldco.com/working-from-home/index.html

We wish you the very best!

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