The Weekly Draw is Here!!

The Weekly Draw is Here!!

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The Weekend is here already and this means come Monday, One of the Kachingers out there would be credited with 2000 Naira into their wallet.

I hope you have been consistently playing the draws? If you have not been playing it, I have to ask you what are you waiting for? Although this week has gone, ensure to come next week to try out your luck. Do have it in mind that to play the weekly draws you must qualify for it. In the sense that you must have played the daily draws for that week for at least five times to qualify for the weekly draws.

So to those who have done so for this week, start rubbing your palms because it might  just be your lucky week.

Ensure to keep trying and trying if the draw doesn’t go in your favor we all know “Rome wasn’t built in a day.

See you all next week, We wish you a blessed weekend.

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