Stay Winning with CashKaching

Stay Winning with CashKaching

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Hi Kachingers, on Monday the 1st of June, 2020 we decided to crown one of the top users (Emmanuel Mirota Olorunda aka Emilson94) on our platform (with over 200k plus points) the amount of N2000 just for being a top earner on Cashkaching isn’t that amazing??

With Cashkaching, it’s a guaranty you win and that’s a fact!!

This should stimulate other Kachingers out there that Life is “real” with Cashkaching and you can get rewarded for anything you do.

Yes!! Anything you do.

So ensure you do all you can whenever you find yourself on Cashkaching

I would help you out with a list of things you can do on a daily with Cashkaching.

  1. Play our draws daily (60k – 120k points).
  2. Take our daily poll (100 – 300 points).
  3. Refer a friend daily (1,000 points).
  4. Take a Survey daily (200 – 500 points).
  5. Play the Predict and win game (x2 of staked points).
  6. Take part in our social media games such as Teasers and the likes.

P.S. Cashkaching always has you, our user in mind. Don’t hesitate to join today and spread the good word of Cashkaching.

#IAmAKachinger #KachingerFest

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