5 Tips on keeping the fun while isolating with loved ones.

5 Tips on keeping the fun while isolating with loved ones.

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So during this lockdown period, most of us find ourselves isolating with our partners, loved ones, family, etc. Now we all know that too much work or business provides a distraction that covers up a ‘multiple of things’, and too much of anything is bad for everything. Thus we are here with a couple of tips to help you keep things fresh, fun, and exciting through this lockdown period and it will cost you nothing.

1. Movie Nights

Arrange movie nights with your loved ones based on different movie categories e.g thriller night, comedy night, etc. If you are having a full house it may be difficult deciding what movies to watch. So we can help with this, ask every member of the household to write down the movie they prefer to watch on a piece of paper and put them in a hat. In an alphabetical order get each household member to pull out a paper with the name of the movie, then list the movies down according to the order they were pulled out and this will give you an order of the movie watch list.

2. Party Night

Basically, we all are not able to attend social events, but this should not stop you from having a little party in your house with the people you are isolating with. Now this is not a party where you invite people who are not living with you (We strongly recommend that you adhere to the social distancing guidelines, we do not want you getting arrested like Funke Akindele). With the members in your house you can attend many parties/events live on social media platforms. Make this exciting, get dressed up for it, and party all night.

3. Game Night.

Why not login to Cashkaching with the members of your household, play the draws, and see if anyone can get to win in your house. Attempt the predict & win games and complete surveys. Stay as long as you wish on Cashkaching trying out different activities. Of course we would strongly advise making Cashkaching your go-to site during game night, however, we also advise you consider board games like scrabble, ludo, snake and ladder, monopoly, and even playing whots in all this your family members can participate. Create challenges and prizes to keep things exciting.

4. Date Night

If you are isolating as a couple, date night is very important for you. Get dressed up and arrange a nice intimate dinner in your home. There are many platforms that will give you ideas on creating the right atmosphere and creating the perfect meal together.

5. Family Night.

This is a time to spend together with no fuss or frills, just genuine love and appreciation for each other. We recommend this night for all your household members to come and discuss/plan daily routines and tasks. During this time it is important for everyone to pull their weight around the house. Having a clear and open discussion about how to maintain some ‘normality’ and stay safe during this crisis is important. We are in a fast changing environment during this COVID crisis therefore touching base with each other is very important.

Why not stay safe and bond a little more?

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