How Cashkaching Works

Everything you need to know about how to win the free draws and bonuses!

Let's start with the basics.


You can participate in 3 levels of draws. Daily, weekly and monthly.

To play your draw, login to your dashboard and pick 6 numbers at random.

To qualify for the weekly draw, play 5 daily draws consecutively. Also, you have to play the weekly draws 3 times before you can enter for the monthly draws.

You win more money with monthly draws.

Cash Prizes Available and How to Win.

  1. N10,000 - Enter daily draw for a chance to win
  2. N20,000 – Play daily draw 5 times to qualify for the weekly draw
  3. N50,000 - Play the week draw 3 times to qualify for the monthly draw
  4. N25,000 - Be among the first 10,000 users to qualify for the founder’s draw


You accumulate extra bonuses for completing your profile and tasks like referring other users to join the draws using their referral link, completing surveys and polls.

You also win bonus, when you earn badges for completing tasks.

Below is a list of bonus points you can earn.

S/N Activity to complete to earn bonus Bonus Points
1 Registration Sign up on CashKaChing 200
2 Profile Update Complete your profile and verify your phone number 20
3 First Play Play first draw 300

How to earn badges and accumulate bonus points.

Badges and bonus points offer you chance to earn more money in addition to the draws.

S/N Badge Name Activity completed to earn badge Bonus Points
1 Adventurer Complete user profile to earn this badge. 20
2 TGIF Play the weekly draw 3 times in a month. 100
3 Golden Pot Play the monthly draw 200
4 Weekly knight Play daily draw 5 times to qualify for the weekly draw -
5 Triple Head Ninja Play the weekly draw 3 times to qualify for the monthly draw 10
6 7 Day Wonder Play the daily draw 7 times 20
7 Founding members Be among the first 10,000 users Founder members have access to monthly founder’s draw and a chance to win N25,000

Complete any of these tasks to accumulate more bonus points.


S/N Activity competed to win bonus points. Bonus Points
1 First 100 users with 10 referrals 2000
2 Next 1000th user with 10 referrals 1000
3 Next 5000th user with 10 referrals 500
4 When the users you referred plays the daily draw 3 times. 500 + N25
5 For the next 4 referrals below you after who plays the daily draws 7 times. 500

Multi - Level Point sharing

How to convert your Bonus point to Naira

How much is bonus worth?

S/N Bonus Points Naira Equivalent
1 5 points N1
2 50 points N10
3 100 points N20

How to Cash out your earnings from Cashkaching.

Your earnings will be converted to cash when you are picked as the winner for a draw.

Winners are drawn at random for each draw and only the winner is contacted via their email and on the website.

When you win the draw, you can withdraw the money into your bank account using VoguePay Wallet. Click here to sign up on VoguePay

Also note that you can also cash out when you reach 400,000 bonus point threshold which is equivalent to 20,000 naira

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions or the terms page to learn more about what has to offer.