• CashKaChing is a free draw site that rewards users with actual money when they play and win any of the draws.
  • Users are expected to login to the site everyday, play any available draw and stand the chance of winning.
  • CashKaChing is open to all, above the age of 18 years and is free to all users.
  • YES! CashKaChing is absolutely free.
  • Users are only expected to login everyday and play available draws.
  • Users can also earn more from taking surveys and fulfilling badge requirements.
  • CashKaChing makes available various draws on a daily basis.
  • Users login daily and play available draws for free.
  • Users also accumulate extra bonuses by fulfilling different requirements.
  • You can play the various draws by clicking on the play buttons associated with each draw.
  • Follow the pop up sequence and choose your numbers.
  • Check back everyday to try your luck and see if you are our next lucky winner
  • At the expiration of every draw, a winner is automatically picked from the pool of players.
  • The system is completely automatic and lucky numbers are completely randomized.
  • Signin to your account, proceed to profile page, click the cash out button to withdraw your money.
  • Your money is withdrawn securely to any online wallet affiliated with CashKaChing or transferred directly to your bank account.
  • You will always be notified via email or sms on every activity carried out on cashkaching.
  • Notifications include draws won, badges earned and all other possible activities
  • Cashkaching serves sponsored adverts on the website.
  • Adverts are also served via email and sms.
  • This, along with other optional activites which all available for free, allow us to support our FREE draw games.
  • Cashkaching offers ZERO risk at all levels with no hidden fees or charges.
  • All draws and activities are completely free for users. NO PAY TO PLAY HERE.
  • YES What are you waiting for?
  • Go ahead and play for free.
  • You may be our next lucky winner!.

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