trusted online casino malaysia FAQ - cashkaching


  • CashKaching is an online advertising platform where the site users are being served adverts while they engage in activities like playing draws, predicting football match outcomes, shopping amazing deals and taking surveys amongst others.
  • Cashkaching users earn points for participating in these activities, while these points can in turn be used to redeem as airtime, data or gift cards.
  • CashKaChing is open to all persons above the age of 18 years and is free to all users.
  • YES! CashKaChing is absolutely free.
  • Users are only expected to login everyday and play available games.
  • Users can also earn more from taking surveys, making referrals.
  • CashKaChing makes available various draws on a daily basis.
  • Users login daily and play available draws for free.
  • The draw gets played by clicking on the play now button associated with the draw.
  • Follow the pop up sequence and choose your numbers.
  • At the expiration of every draw, a winner is automatically picked from the pool of players.
  • Check back everyday to try your luck and see if yor are our next lucky winner.
  • The system is completely automatic and luck numbers are completely randomized
  • Users also accumulate extra bonus points by fufilling different requirements
  • CashKaChing makes available various games on weekly basis.
  • Users login and drop their prediction on the available games by staking points
  • A successful prediction would double the amount initially stacked by the user
  • Cashkaching has a plethora of surveys where users can take and earn bonus points
  • Users only need to click the survey icon from their dashboard and select a survey.
  • Signin to your account, proceed to profile page, click the redeem button to select how you intend to redeem your bonus points.
  • Your points will be securely transferred as airtime to the phone number linked with your account.
  • You will always be notified via email or sms on every activity carried out on cashkaching.
  • Notifications include draws won, badges earned and all other possible activities
  • Cashkaching serves sponsored adverts on the website.
  • Adverts are also served via email.
  • Along with other optional activites which all available for free, allow us to support our FREE draw games.
  • Cashkaching offers ZERO risk at all levels with no hidden fees or charges.
  • All draws and activities are completely free for users. NO PAY TO PLAY HERE.
  • YES What are you waiting for?
  • Go ahead and play for free.
  • You may be our next lucky winner!.
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